Have you looked at your AT&T - Bellsouth bill lately?  Do you understand what you're being billed for?

Are you paying for a  package of  long distance minutes with significantly more minutes than you actually use?

Do you have an international long distance  plan or toll free number(s) you're not aware of? 

Are you  paying more (than necessary)  for a Complete Choice package loaded with features you never use?

Did you know that AT&T -  Bellsouth “Customer Service” representatives are routinely fired  for not making their sales  quotas?

Did you know that they can also be fired for not offering a slew of products on every call, and if you remove a product or service, it has a negative impact to the sales revenue of the rep removing the item?

Would this explain their lack of interest in customer-service related issues, or the time-consuming badgering one must endure when calling to ask a simple question?

Does this also explain why you may have experienced one (or more) of the following?

 1)    Had to call AT&T -  Bellsouth to remove a service you did not order?
 2)    Had an AT&T - Bellsouth representative call to save you money, but increased your bill? 
 3)    Had an AT&T - Bellsouth representative randomly add a long distance plan to your account?
 4)    Have you ever called to remove a service, and been hung up on, transferred, or the order was never placed?
 5)    Have you ever called to move your service, and been hung up on, transferred, or the order was never placed?
 6)    Have you ever been billed for more lines than you ordered?
 7)    Have you ever had DSL placed on your account that you did not order?
 8)    Have you ever had toll free numbers added to your account that you were not aware of?
 9)    Have you ever been given a quote much less than what the service actually bills each month?
10)   Have you ever encountered service or billing problems due to orders that were inappropriately placed by an AT&T -          
         BST representative?
****************** IF YOU’VE ANSWERED “YES”TO ANY OF THE ABOVE, THEN WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU ! ! !***********************
and ask that you take a minute of your time to complete our survey; all information is strictly confidential and is being gathered solely for the purpose of an upcoming class-action lawsuit to be filed since the Public Service and Federal Communication Commissions  refuse to earn  their tax-paid salaries and scrutinize what is happening in the telecommunications industry.

CEO’s are walking away with astronomical bonuses, and in our opinion, at the expense of consumers who are being ripped off for products and services they do not need, or did not order, and none of our governing agencies or elected officials are willing to do anything about it.  We’ve compared notes, and far too many of us are experiencing the same issues when it comes to dealing with AT&T - Bellsouth, and it’s time for our voices to be heard, so please take a moment to complete our survey, and let yours “ring out”!!

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